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Meet the Team! – The Don Callahan Real Estate Group continues to thrive in today’s market. With a team of Buyer Specialists, Don as the main Listing Specialist, a Concierge Agent, and a team of talented support staff, there is no part of real estate in Savannah they can’t handle. The personal interactions with clients are what drive Don and his team. PEOPLE are the key to a successful real estate transaction because it’s not just about selling houses, it’s about helping someone achieve their dreams in real estate.

DON CALLAHAN Realtor & Listing Specialist
don@doncallahan.com | 912-441-4416

LAURA HYATT Partner & Director of Operations
laura@doncallahan.com | 912-200-3897

erin@doncallahan.com | 912-200-3895

CHRIS MATTHEWS Realtor & Buyer Specialist
chris@doncallahan.com | 404-518-2463

AURORA PURVIS Realtor & Buyer Specialist
aurora@doncallahan.com | 910-622-2959

JESSE ROYER Transaction Coordinator
jesse@doncallahan.com | 912-200-3897

AB_1 ALICEN BRIZENDINE Listing Coordinator
alicen@doncallahan.com | 912-200-3897