We are the Don Callahan Real Estate Group or Team Callahan as we call ourselves around the office. Our little family here prides itself on being the BEST at what we do and allowing each member of the team to specialize in his or her role (think division of labor or the allstar baseball team). We’d like to take the opportunity to share our Mission, Vision, Values, and Beliefs with you so that you know a little more about us.

Our MISSION is simple: Sell Houses, Have Fun, Give Back. Obviously we are in real estate so selling houses is a given. But it’s more that just a house, it’s a home for our clients and relationships with people. We like to have fun around here because life is too short not too. And well, Give Back because that’s just who we are. We have been very fortunate and feel it’s our reponsibility to pay that forward to others.

Our VISION is: To create an abundant life. Abundance is described as “plentifulness of the good things of life”. We want this for our team, our clients, and our community.

Our Core VALUES are: Hungry, Humble, Smart, & Entrepreneurial Spirit. We look for these qualities in each person who joins our team. Hungry because we work hard around here. Humble because we are a Team and there’s no room for “I”. Smart because this industry is always changing and we have to be on our toes. We  mean emotional intelligence too; the ability to be aware of how our actions impact those around us. Entrepreneurial Spirit because we are a small business. We all chip in on whatever needs to be done.

Our BELIEF is: To Make a Difference… in our community, for our clients, and with our team. We’d like to leave this world a little better than we found it.

We seek TALENT. Is that you? 

+ Pushes for solutions – Has to be pushed to want answers
+ Shares your goals and fulfills your needs as a natural by-product of fulfilling their own. – Doesn’t fulfill your needs and ends up giving you back pieces of their job.
+ Knows what they want or is actively searching to know. – Doesn’t know what they want and isn’t searching.
+ Pushes you constantly. – Requires you to push them.
+ Is continually raising the bar and wants to be associated with talent. – May not know where the existing bar is set or even what bar you’re talking about. 
+ Usually focuses their talk on the language of challenge and achievement. – Talks about anything and when they try to emulate the talk of talent, it is just rhetoric. 


Massive opportunity to join a powerhouse real estate organization who excels at what we do. We deliver outstanding customer service to create clients for life while making a lasting impact on our community.


Join one of the top KW teams in Savannah and kick-start your real estate career! We believe in the TEAM concept and therefore have assembled a group of individuals who specialize in their respective roles. Our Buyer Specialist’s work exclusively with our buyer clients to help them find their perfect home in Savannah. Our team of Buyer Specialists work closely with our Inside Sales Agent / Client Specialist and our Transaction Coordinator to make sure our clients receive unparalleled customer service. This also means each Buyer Specialist has a support team in addition to our leadership team’s 30+ years of real estate experience. We call that a win-win!


We’re looking for the next Rockstar to join our Millionaire Real Estate Agent team! Do you have a fire in your belly? Do you want results? Are you focused? Do you thrive on being a constant student?  The Listing Specialist is an opportunity that doesn’t come along often. Join a highly successful team and learn from the best! Work with Sellers to determine value, negotiate contracts, and seek win-win opportunities for everyone.


The Listing Coordinator is an integral part of the Team. Responsible for the date to day management of a large inventory of active listings, the Listing Coordinator is deeply committed to completing tasks the right way and with a high degree of quality. Customer service is paramount and the ability to remain calm and collected under pressure is a requirement. The Listing Coordinator is the first point of contact for each of our sellers and proactively updates them with weekly feedback and communication. This person is deeply committed to supporting the lead agent in achieving greater and greater levels of success.

To learn more about the Listing Coordinator position and/or to apply please click here