We’ve got some fun things coming in up and wanted to invite you to join us! Part of our team mission is to Give Back. ☺️

Here are some ways you can help us make a difference in our community. 💗

📚 Team Callahan Lending Library
We are officially registered with Little Free Library as Charter #79492 which means we’re on the world map! Check out LittleFreeLibrary.com to see all of the little libraries in Savannah and around the world. Our little library is very active! We have people stopping by all day long. If you have books you or your friends and neighbors would like to donate, please stop by anytime! We’re constantly restocking and can always use extra books. After all, knowledge is power!

♻️ First Friday Cleanups
We’re excited to announce a new initiative called First Friday Cleanups. Join us on the first Friday of each month as we hit the streets to clean up our neighborhoods. We’re picking up trash and recycling and sweeping off curb cuts at intersections to make our ramps more easily accessible for our neighbors. Check our Facebook page for the monthly event to see where to meet each month.  

🥫 Food Drive
Our 4th Annual Neighborhood Food Drive kicks off the week after Thanksgiving. We need your help! We have over 2400 bags to staple the week after Thanksgiving and delivery of bags is the first week of December. Come volunteer with us for as little as an hour or as much as you’d like. Many hands make light work! We’ll even supply the coffee and Christmas music. 🙂

To sign up to volunteer with Team Callahan or to learn more about how to get involved with the organizations we support, please visit RealEstateinSavannah.net/giving-back or email [email protected]