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In 2008 I moved from Syracuse, NY to Savannah. At the time a lot of jobs were leaving and coming to the south, so I used college as my excuse to book it. Also, I am not the biggest fan of the cold…or snow…or shoveling.

When I moved here, I would spend hours walking up and down the streets of downtown admiring the detail in all the historic homes and read every plaque I saw. I quickly developed a love and appreciation for Savannah’s rich culture and history. When I graduated from AASU with a Bachelor’s in English Communications, I decided Savannah would be my forever home.

Through-out college I worked in the service industry, which was exciting, fun and energetic. I met so many different types of people who I built deep connections and relationships​ with, from nurses to rockstars, introverts to extroverts, voyagers and life long Savannahians. Constantly being around new people and hearing their stories inspired me to to want help others, which ultimately lead me to want to pursuit a career real estate. What better way to see all the houses in Savannah, meet new people and help them by finding their dream home.

My enthusiasm for the human experience and my optimism about life help me to easily communicate with my clients and provide them with a fun, easy and stress-free home buying process.

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  • Licensed Realtor since 2019
  • Team Member since 2019

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