Dutch Island

Dutch Island is a small community nestled in the Inter-Coastal Waterways near Savannah, Georgia. A private, gated community with more than 480 single family homes designed for gracious living. Dutch Island covers an area of approximately 500 acres, surrounded by salt water marsh and the inter-coastal waterway, including Skidaway River, Herb River, Wilmington River and Grimbal Creek. There are 8.83 miles of paved road, 10 lagoons and ponds, a community deep water dock, swimming pool and tennis courts. Dutch Island is managed by a Board of Directors — all nine (9) Board Members are volunteers, elected by the Association Members (Island home owners) and reside on the island.

Homes located on Dutch Island were built for entertaining and are overflowing with Southern charm. Prices range from the mid-300’s to just over a million. Dutch Island homes range from 2,000-5,500 square feet with up to 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Many of the homes on the island have their own private pools and docks, which allows residents to enjoy the outdoor, coastal living that Dutch Island has to offer. There is a home for everyone here!


There is no shortage of things to do on Dutch Island!

Swimming Pool

The Dutch Island Homeowners Swimming Pool and recreational amenities within the ‘pool area’ [beach volleyball and ‘fire pit’] are restricted for the use of Dutch Island residents and their guests or visitors. These amenities of the Association are not for rent or lease to non-residents. In order to provide a safe environment for all residents and their guests, the following guidelines have been established. The pool will be fully staffed with certified lifeguards from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Daily hours of operation will be from 10 AM to 8 PM Monday through Friday and 10 AM to 9 PM on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Resident parties, both during regular hours and scheduled outside regular hours must be staffed by a certified lifeguard. Use of the volleyball court or fire pit at times when the swimming pool is not opened will require the presence of a lifeguard for safety reasons. Some pool rules, which are posted in the pool area, may need to be adjusted for the safety of the individual.



A Poolside ‘Snack Bar’ offers minimum refreshments for purchase and residents are permitted to bring their own refreshments into the pool area. Restrictions outlined in this document and as posted in the pool area must be adhered to, such as ‘no glass’, including refreshment containers of glass may be used within the pool area.

Other amenities Located within the Association’s Swimming Area:

Beach Volleyball Court

Use of the Beach Volleyball Court is restricted for use during periods that the swimming pool is open. A lifeguard must be present when the court is in use. Courtesy should govern each players conduct and recognition that there are other swimming area amenity users within the same area.

“Fire Pit”

Use of the “Fire Pit” is restricted to property owners or the primary residents and, when an owner or primary resident is present, their guests and/or visitors! Use of the “fire pit” requires the presence of a lifeguard in that the swimming pool’s accessibility necessitates such. The specific rules regarding the “fire pit’s” use are outlined below.

Tennis Courts

The Dutch Island Homeowners Association Tennis Courts have been erected for and are maintained for the exclusive use of the residents of the Dutch Island Development and their guest(s) and/or visitor(s) and for those ‘off-island Savannah Tennis Team players’ that may use the Association’s Tennis Courts for scheduled competitive matches. This amenity of the Association is not for rent or lease to non-residents. In order to provide a safe environment for all residents and their guests, the following guidelines have been established. The Association’s tennis courts are available on a ‘first come, first served basis’, with specific restrictions as outlined below. While the tennis courts are available throughout the day, Court hours may be restricted for periods of training and Dutch Island Team practices, as well as for Savannah Community League Games. All tennis terms, playing rules or other court procedures and etiquette not defined herein are defined in the USTA Tennis Rule Book and will apply to all Association tennis courts.

Boat Ramp, Pier and Dock

Dock in Morning


The original Developers of the Dutch Island Development built the boat ramp for resident boat owners to ‘put in and take out’ in one day. Subsequently, they built the walkway and pier for residents to crab, fish or sightsee. Boaters found difficulty in loading and unloading passengers and the Developers then added a floating dock, attached to the pier, so that passengers could use the floating dock to get in and out of boats safely. Later, a second floating dock was added to ease crowding during the loading and unloading on ‘busy weekends’. The Ramp, pier and dock provided support for the simultaneous loading/unloading of an average of eight (8) boats of a size of 17 to 20 feet in length. Original intent was not to use the Dock space for overnight docking of boats. The parking lot that currently exists was completed during this period and has not been enlarged since that time. Expansion is restricted by the fact that the roadway is the ’causeway’ for access onto Gannam Hammock and Dutch Island. After the Association assumed responsibility for the ramp and dock area, a third expansion was completed that provided a floating dock of 450 linear feet (225 feet in length) and expanded the ability to simultaneously load/unload approximately 20 to 25 boats of a size of 17 to 20 feet in length.

Information Provided by Dutch Island HOA.

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