Our little family here at Team Callahan prides itself on being the BEST at what we do and allowing each member of the team to specialize in his or her role (think division of labor or the all star baseball team). We’d like to take the opportunity to share our Mission, Vision, Values, and Beliefs with you so that you know a little more about us.

Our MISSION is simple: Sell Houses, Have Fun, Give Back. Obviously we are in real estate so selling houses is a given. But it’s more that just a house, it’s a home for our clients and relationships with people. We like to have fun around here because life is too short not too. And well, Give Back because that’s just who we are. We have been very fortunate and feel it’s our responsibility to pay that forward to others.



Owner & Lead Listing Agent | 912-441-4416 | [email protected]

  • Licensed Realtor since 1998
  • MAPS Coaching Mastery Client
  • BOLD Graduate
  • KW Savannah ALC member

“PEOPLE are the key to a successful real estate transaction because it’s not just about selling a house, it’s about helping someone achieve their dream in real estate.” — Don


Partner & Director of Operations | 912-657-6764 | [email protected]

  • Licensed Realtor since 2007
  • Partner in Ownership
  • MAPS Coaching Mastery Client

“It is our hope that together we can continue to grow our company and provide lives worth living for our team members while giving back to our community and providing excellent customer service to our clients.” — Laura


Buyer Specialist | 818-421-9256 | [email protected]

  • Licensed Realtor since 2017
  • BOLD Graduate
  • Compulsive DIY’er
  • Chipotle Addict

“Whether you are looking to relocated to Savannah for work or retirement, or moving across town to a different home that better suits your family, it will be my pleasure to assist you in this next big step.” — Russ


Buyer Specialist | 706-877-0154 | [email protected]

  • Licensed Realtor since 2015
  • BOLD Graduate


Buyer Specialist | 315-289-6677 | [email protected]

  • Licensed Realtor since 2019


Transaction Coordinator | 912-200-3897 | [email protected]

  • Licensed Realtor since 2018
  • Air Traffic Controller of the Office
  • Resident Disney Princess

“As the Transaction Coordinator for all of our clients, I am responsible for making sure the entire process from contract to closing goes as smoothly as possible so that you don’t have to worry about the details.” — Jesse


Listing Coordinator | 912-200-3897 | [email protected]

  • Team Member since 2019


We care about our clients and their goals. It’s more than just a transaction or a sign in the yard. Every client of ours is a person with a life and dreams. Whether you’re buying your first home, selling a home you love, or building wealth for your family by investing in real estate, we are here to be your guide.

And along the way we will introduce you to some of our favorite local organizations so that together we can make a difference in our community.

Our Promise

Our Promise to you, is to deliver an unparalleled customer experience. In fact, our goal is to build our business through client referrals. This is important because it hard wires accountability and amazing customer experiences into everything we do. Here is Our Promise to you:

COMMUNICATION: Our goal is to keep you fully informed during this transaction. You will always know what is going on with your home purchase/sale.

INTEGRITY: We do the right thing even when no one is looking. We follow through on what we say we will do; you will not hear false promises from us.

RESPONSIBILITY: Our company and industry is made of people. People sometimes make mistakes. The difference with our organization is if we make a mistake you will not hear excuses. You will hear ownership and an action plan on how we will correct it.

SUCCESS: Our company is designed such that we only succeed when our clients do. If you aren’t succeeding in your dealings with us we aren’t either. We are committed to making this a successful transaction.

HONESTY: Real estate transactions are much like riding on an airplane. Some flights have turbulence and it does not mean the plane is going down. When and if your transaction hits some turbulence, we will be honest and will communicate what we are doing to get you to your next destination.

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