Have you considered a career in real estate? Maybe thought about getting your license? Let us tell you, this is a fantastic industry! For those of you who have considered this and weren’t able to make it to our Career Night earlier this month, we thought we’d share the top reasons why real estate is a great career choice. 

1. Low cost of entry for self-employed opportunity. Real estate is the least expensive self-employed opportunity on the plant and there is no financial ceiling. 

2. No financial ceiling. The average individual’s salary tends to peak around age 45-49. In real estate however, you can literally make as much or as little as you want. 

3. Freedom to choose your work. Build your business around your strengths and the things you’re passionate about. 

4. Flexibility of schedule. Flexibility to choose your hours doesn’t include “no hours.” When you choose fewer hours, you have to prioritize. 

5. High financial return for effort given. Working smarter and prioritizing lets you have a bigger and better life. 

6. Inside opportunity to invest. 75% of the nation’s wealth is tied up in real estate. As a real estate agent, every good deal passes through your hands first. 

7. Get to help people with their greatest asset purchase. Owning is forced savings. As a real estate agent, you sell retirement, you sell security to people. 

8. Best voyeur job. Let’s face it, Realtors have the best stories. 

If you’re considering getting your license or just have some questions ​about the process we’d love to chat! Contact us at 912-200-3897 or [email protected]. We’re happy to help!