Hi Friends! 

As our kiddos head back to school (in whatever version that may be for your family) we just wanted to say we feel ya. 2020 has been full of unexpected situations, plenty of pivots, and a whole lot of learning new things. Together we’ve navigated this pandemic the best we can. We’ve leaned on our neighbors more than ever. We’ve found new hobbies to replace the travel plans that were cancelled. We’ve learned to rediscover the town we live in. We’ve accepted things like toilet paper, lysol wipes, and face masks are valuable commodities. We’ve had more family dinners and learned a few new recipes. And we’ve dreamed of all the things we’ll do “once COVID is over.”

We’ve had our good days, our bad days, our days we just barely made it to 5pm, our days that we thought were Friday but turned out to be Tuesday. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve taken a few deep breaths and a whole lot of exhales. And we’ve made it this far… together. 

So here’s to the parents who’ve made tough decisions between in-person learning, virtual learning, and home schooling. Great job! We know that was a hard decision. Here’s to the educators and school administrators doing their best to figure out uncharted territory. Great job! We know those are hard decisions. Here’s to the kids who are starting a new school year that’s going to look a little different from anything they’ve ever know. Great job! We know that took courage.

As we head into Fall, let us not lose sight of the mentality we had at the beginning of all of this: “We’re all in this together.”​