Recently we heard someone say, “Radical change in circumstance requires a radical change in strategy.” And ain’t that the truth? We’ve all experienced a radical change in circumstance over the last several months. Some more so than others, and yet we’ve all felt it. As a Team we often pause to reflect on the lessons that life is teaching us. We listen to these heartbeats of wisdom and use them as we press on, ever forward, ever onward. Here’s what we’ve learned over the last 60 days. 

It is remarkable how quickly you can pivot. Pre-COVID feels like a lifetime ago and yet it was only a few short months ago. Yet, those initial weeks were a blur of activity and strategy as we figured out how to completely pivot our business. Our team moved to working remotely from home. We shot 28 digital tours of our listings in 6 days. We learned how to Zoom like the rest of the world. All in a matter of days, not weeks. 

Our Team is resilient. We are grateful for every single member of our Team as we’ve navigated the past couple of months. Collectively we’ve managed kids and pets at home begging for our attention, balancing schedules, trying to remain connected via video conference, hard conversations, new opportunities, and doubling down on our efforts. And through it all we’ve become stronger, more flexible, and capable of more than we knew. 

Technology is a game changer. Just thinking about all the ways we’ve leverage technology to show property, feature listings, connect with our clients, and even communicate as a Team is pretty impressive. 

Necessity is the mother of all invention. It’s remarkable how quickly you can adapt and create new things when that is the only option you have. We’ve rolled out new strategies during all of this because we’ve had to and yet there are many that we’ll keep once we’re on the other side of it, because they make our world easier, better, and more efficient. 

Community matters. We miss seeing our people and our clients face to face like we used to. We know those days will come again. And in the meantime, we are reminded just how much community matters. How we, as humans, crave connection. We are grateful for the technology that allows that to still happen in the interim and look forward to the day when we can all gather again.