We’re halfway through the year friends. How did that happen? March feels like decades ago and yet July seems to be flying by. I was sitting here the other day looking at this giant 2020 Calendar on my wall at the office. In late December we mapped out the entire year for our team: seminars, happy hours, client events, travel for work conferences, fun things and more. And man, we were proud to be on our A-game. Then March and COVID. Who would have known the impact and disruption that virus was to have on our world. Immediately we went into pivot mode, adopting new protocols, crafting new strategies, doubling down on efforts, and giving it our all. And it worked! We’ve had an amazing first half of the year business wise. In fact, June was our best month ever.

We’ve all mourned the canceled travel plans (our team lives for travel BTW), navigated our way through child care and grocery runs, and found ourselves missing community more than ever. And yet, there have been good things from this interruption. Some of us have taken up gardening and deep diving into recipes. (Who knew canning was all the rage?) Others are enjoying quiet weekend camping trips to decompress for a minute and come back fresh. Some are taking charge of major life decisions and plotting a course for new and better things. See, life is all about what you make it. 

So here we are heading out for the 2nd half. There’s still time to decide what this year as a whole will look like for your life. After all, sports teams can be winning in the 1st half and still lose the game just as much as you can behind in the first half and come back to win. It’s all about the second half and how you show up. What do you want for the second half? What are your goals? Dreams? For heaven’s sake your travel plans. Take time to write them out, make a vision board, tell them to a friend. And then get to work making them happen. 

And PS, don’t forget to look for the helpers.