Property Taxes in Savannah, Georgia

Don Callahan
Don Callahan
Published on June 12, 2018

Calculating Taxes

Chatham county residents who reside within Savannah’s city limits are required to pay both county and city property taxes per Georgia law.

Tax on real property shall be based on the assessed value thereof as determined by the Chatham County Board of Tax Assessors. The City of Savannah receives a tax file from Chatham County twice a year before each of the tax billings for the year. The file contains:

  • Parcel number
  • Market value
  • Exemption codes and amounts
  • Property type
  • Name and address
  • Legal description
  • Base year value for the Stephens Day exemption
  • Base year value with Consumer Price Index
  • Code indicating jurisdiction, County or City

Specific questions regarding your assessment should be directed to the Assessor’s Office at 912-652-7271.

Assessed Value
Taxes are billed against the assessed value of the property which is 40% of the market value. Example: $75,000 (Fair Market Value of Property) x 40% = $30,000 (Assessed Value).

If a property’s value is under appeal, it will be billed at the greater of 85% of the new assessed value or 100% of last year’s assessed value. Some properties can have more than one tax levied upon it and real property taxes are billed semi-annually. First installment real property tax bills are calculated by dividing the prior year’s taxes in half with any changes in value or exemptions being “netted” out of the second installment.

Due Dates
Real Property taxes are billed annually in two installments. However, Personal Property, Industrial Area, and Public Utility taxes are billed in one installment annually.

Delinquent Taxes
All taxes remaining unpaid after the City’s due date are subject to interest and penalties. A one time 10% tax penalty is assessed and interest is applied at the rate of 1% per month and additional fees and costs accrue as collection action continues.

The city of Savannah’s Revenue Department follows legal procedures prescribed by the official code of Georgia provided in O.C.G.A Title 48, Revenue and Taxation, Chapter 3 “Tax Executions” and Chapter 4 “Tax Sales”. If required for collection, the city Marshal may assess and collect levy administration fees to include court filing fees, advertising fees, title research, and abstract fees, and such other fees as provided for by state law and local ordinance.

Source: City of Savannah


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