Not all trees have to tower. Find the perfect tree for that small corner of your yard!

When it comes to trees, a decision in haste can lead to a lifetime of regret. Many trees grow more beautiful generation after generation. Others have the potential to create decades of trouble, dropping messy fruit or bothersome sticks. So take your time and select the tree that offers the best combination of qualities you will enjoy.

Begin your selection process by asking: Why do I want a tree? For shade? Privacy? Something to look pretty? Or to block the view of the neighbor’s less-than-lovely backyard?

A tree’s growth rate also may have a bearing on your choice. The slower growers are hardwoods and tend to live longer. If it’s important to establish shade or have flowers relatively quickly, choose a fast-growing tree. Typically, they’re smaller, have soft wood, and don’t live as long. Scale trees to their surroundings. Use small- or medium-size varieties for smaller houses and yards. On any site, put smaller trees near the house and taller ones farther out in the yard or near its edge.

Trees and shrubs are either deciduous or evergreen. Deciduous trees lose their leaves in the fall and are bare all winter, though the leaves often give a final show of beautiful colors before they drop. Evergreen trees and shrubs retain their foliage year-round. Some, such as southern magnolia, feature broad leaves. Others, such as pines, have needled foliage.


japenese-mapleJapanese maple
Airy, delicate leaves make Japanese maples absolute showstoppers for your yard.




Attractive year round, plus you get fragrant flowers and delicious fruit.




trees-myrtleCrape myrtle
This is the signature plant for many hot-summer regions. It’s hard to beat the showy summer flowers, beautiful bark, and brilliant fall color.




036Vine maple
Nearly circular leaves are red-tinted when new, light green as they mature, and then orange, scarlet, or yellow in fall.




hop-bush-john-tann-1212Hop bush
This evergreen shrub, with fine, bronze foliage, can be trained into a tree. The perfect tree for your yard!




trees-crabappleOrnamental crabapple
Plant one of these for a lavish pop of white, pink, or red flowers each spring.




trees-fringeFringe tree
Named for the narrow, fringlelike white petals that are borne in a profusion of lacy flower clusters.




trees-chinesefringe_0Kousa dogwood
This makes a great multi-stemmed shrub or—with training—a small tree. The petal-like leaves are breathtaking in spring.


trees-magnoliaSaucer magnolia
Magnolias are magnificent flowering plants featuring blossoms in white, pink, red, purple, or a more recent development, rich yellow.




shrubs-gracilisDwarf Hinoki false cypress
Mature foliage has tiny, scale like, overlapping leaves that make a stunning layered look.





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