By Russ Strazzella

Last week we covered the very first steps that you want to take to become a home buyer and this week we are going to cover the next steps you should take. If you missed our blog from last week, click HERE to read it! Now let’s dive right in.

Now that you’ve decided that moving/buying a house was the right decision and you have figured out a financial strategy, your next step is going to be to hire a realtor.

Find a Realtor That You LOVE

There are going to be many characteristics that you are going to look for in the realtor that you choose. Things like experience, personality, level of expertise all factor in to what makes a realtor the right fit for you. You might want to interview/meet with a few realtors just to make sure that you are actually hiring the person who is the best fit for you and your family. Once you’ve picked a realtor then the house hunting begins!

Go House Hunting

House hunting is not exactly like what you see on HGTV shows. To be successful in the house hunting search you will want to keep your search tight. Communicate with your realtor what features of a house are most important to you and define what your budget is. Be sure to keep the most important criteria in mind when looking at homes. If you’ve hired the right realtor what they should do before you go out and begin to look at houses is hone in on the most important features of a house and find some that are within your budget. You straining outside of what you are looking for is going to more often times than not, waste a lot of time. There are some instances where you might discover a new location that has a bunch of homes in your price range or you might decide to increase your price range. Eventually you are going to either see enough homes or read enough offers that you are going to ultimately land on under contract and move on to the next step, which is the contract and negotiating.

Next Steps

Come back next week to learn about the next steps in the home buying process, the contract and negotiating. You can also join our Team on August 10th for a Home Buyer workshop that will go into full detail, beginning to end, of the home buying process. Click HERE to save your seat!