Dear Homeowner,

You did everything right by asking a professional for a plan as you sought help with selling your home. In this quickly changing market, that can be a difficult thing to do because, quite frankly, most agents have not worked through a market like we have today.

The good news is you already knew you needed a great Realtor partner.

The bad news is, unfortunately, it appears the plan didn’t work out as it was promised by your previous Realtor.

You are likely feeling disappointment, but don’t let that deter you from your goal of selling your home and making the most amount of money possible while doing so. Together with our team we can work with you to create a NEW plan while keeping the OLD goal of actually selling your house, as it will be our top priority.

By following our plan, we can rewind the clock and get your home sold fast, and for a fair price.

As of writing this, Team Callahan regularly sells 200 homes per year in the Savannah area. The average real estate agent sells just 3.7 homes per year.

In the last 12 months, our homes have sold for 105.3% of list price. When you price your home right on the front end and follow our marketing plan, you get better results.

Our average days it takes a home to sell is 17, compared to the Savannah average of 34.

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Common reasons homes don’t sell the first time:

PREPARATION | A house-for-sale needs to feel like it’s not being lived in. Did your Realtor help you set it up that way?

We have a proven pre-marketing plan with trusted processionals to help you

PRICING | Rising mortgage interest rates had the housing market take a quick turn. Did your Realtor pull the right comps and take that into consideration? Or did they over-inflate the price to win your business?

We review the market at a high level weekly, watching for changes and trends, keeping you informed so you set the right price. In the last 12 months, the homes we have helped sell have sold for 5.3% OVER the original listing price.

TIMING | The longer a house sits on the market for sale, the more potential buyers begin to ask, “what’s wrong with this house?” It needs to sell fast. Your listing is now expired/cancelled, which means it sat on the market too long.

Our average “Days on Market” is only 17 days, which is half the Savannah average of 34 days.

No! It is absolutely not too late to list your home for sale again. By following our proven marketing plan, we will “reset” your listing, making it look brand new to real estate agents and potential homebuyers.

This means:

  • Meeting with our professional stager to visually prepare your home
  • Addressing any items of disrepair and/or deferred maintenance
  • Reviewing current comparables in the area to assure we are setting a fair market price for your home
  • Taking new professional photos
  • Sharing the listing on our marketing channels

and communicating with you every step of the way!