Deep in the heart of Texas. Our Team spent a couple of days in Austin, TX with 10,000 of our fellow KW Agents at the annual Mega Agent Camp conference. We had the chance to network with agents from all across the country, strengthen our referral networks, hear top agents share their best practices, and learn from some amazing speakers.

Our hearts and brains are full! And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are some of our favorite take aways.

Tim Grover

Former coach of basketball legends Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and author of Winning

That next heart beat is not promised. So whatever “it” is, go get it. Because it may not be here tomorrow. Be careful who you share your heartbeats with. Make sure they earn them because you can’t get them back. Our most valuable commodity is our heartbeat.

You don’t find success, you create success.

Molly Bloom

Author of “Molly’s Game” (they also turned this into a major motion picture starring Jessica Chastain)

Stop expecting the world to co-sign your dreams.

Today does not dictate where you go tomorrow.

Phil M. Jones

Author of “Exactly What to Say

Don’t look at how to do it best. Just work to do it better. And keep building on that. The relentless pursuit of better will always trump best, because better compounds.

Curiosity creates certainty. Empathy creates relatability. Courage creates action.