Local Guide for Savannah, GA

We LOVE Savannah and we LOVE sharing great info! We created these Local Guides to help you get to know Savannah better. Whether you’re moving to the area or just visiting, there’s plenty of options for both. We’ve included some of our favorite activities, restaurants, shopping and more. We’re constantly updating content so be sure to check back regularly.

Local Guide to Moving Here

neighborhoodFriendly Neighborhoods
Savannah has a great combination of different communities, read about them all here!


icon-restaurant Favorite Restaurants

It’s no secret that we love to eat and Savannah is a great town to do just that. There’s always a great new restaurant opening and we love to check them out. Here are some of our favorite restaurants.


infoInsider Tips

Live like a local! Check out these Insider Tips for some of the best that Savannah has to offer.


maintenanceHome Maintenance

We work hard to make sure our Preferred Vendors are the best of the best. Each person or company made this list because we’ve done business with them and trust the work they do!



For information on the Public School System, private schools, local colleges and universities.


kidsKids & Families

Savannah is the South’s playground and there is plenty of adventure and things to do in Savannah with kids of any age.


Local Guide to Visiting Savannah

hotel Accommodations
The Hostess City sure lives up to it’s name. From a host of hotels, big and small, to some of the most charming Bed & Breakfasts you’ll find, Savannah has it all.



Tourism is one of our top industries after all. There are tours of all kinds in Savannah; from historic trolley tours to architectural walking tours and everything in between.



Once upon a time, Savannahians would head to Charleston or Atlanta if they wanted to do “real” shopping. Today, there’s no need to venture outside the city limits.

Local Guide to Outdoor Activities


The best way to explore this beautiful city is by biking all of the different areas – from downtown to the beach, there is no shortage of places to bike!

paddle Water Activities

Surrounded by water, Savannah offers incredible inshore and offshore fishing opportunities for novice and experienced anglers.



Life in Savannah is better lived outdoors! This city offers a variety of scenic trails just waiting for you to take a hike!




Savannah golf courses offer an ideal place to tee off and enjoy the good life. Savannah and the surrounding Low country offer some of the finest lifestyles in the world, with two dominant themes: sparkling water and world-class golf.


With so many options of where to run (or walk) in Savannah and an abundance of local races, there is no reason to not join the excitement of running!


parkParks & Squares

Savannah’s 22 squares are located across a one-square-mile area of downtown.


Dog Friendly Print

At Team Callahan, we understand that it’s hard to leave our furry friends at home during an adventure. Audrey, our mascot, comes to work with us everyday but she loves to see all of the different dog friendly adventures that Savannah has to offer.


Local Guide to Arts & Music


Savannah museums and art galleries showcase the best of the city’s culture, history and arts. From art museums to historic home tours, enjoy the best of the past, present and future in historic Savannah.



From local, upcoming stars to top, musical artists around the world, you never know who you may hear at one of these local businesses.


artsArt Scene

Savannah museums and art galleries showcase the best of the city’s culture, history and arts. From art museums to historic home tours, enjoy the best of the past, present and future in historic Savannah.


Local Guide to Everything Else

PathOff The Beaten Path

To really experience Savannah be sure to check out all of these local favorites that are off the beaten path!




There are plenty of places to workout in Savannah – join the local gyms or find your favorite park to walk, you just need to find what fits you best!





nightlifeNight Life

Genteel as it may be, Savannah is also known as a party town—and City Market may be one big reason why there is a fabulous night life.



There are several popular yoga studios throughout Savannah offering a variety of styles and classes.


Community-IconGet Involved

Team Callahan works closely with the following organizations through giving back our time and donations. We encourage you to get involved in our community!