From local, upcoming stars to top, musical artists around the world, you never know who you may hear at one of these local businesses. Many different genres of music are expressed through the diverse artists at multiple locations, so come to Savannah, Georgia to hear some of our unique bands. A melting pot of musical creativity, Savannah is home to the Savannah Philharmonic, the Coastal Jazz Association, the Savannah Folk Music Society, rock and punk bands like Cusses and Crazy Bag Lady, Americana bands like Waits & Co. and The Train Wrecks, hip hop artists like DJ Basik Lee and Miggs, and a metal scene anchored by internationally recognized bands Kylesa and Black Tusk. No matter where Savannah’s famed cobblestones lead you — to restaurants, nightclubs, art galleries, museums, churches or theatres — you’re likely to encounter music that is anything but ordinary…just like Savannah.


Savannah Stopover Music Festival capitalizes on the logistical good fortune of Savannah, Georgia’s proximity to interstates 95 and 10 by presenting traveling musicians with a welcoming place to play en route to Austin’s prestigious SXSW Music Conference.

The Savannah Music Festival (SMF) is dedicated to presenting world-class celebrations of the musical arts by creating timeless and adventurous productions that stimulate arts education, foster economic growth and unite artists and audiences in Savannah.

The first Savannah Jazz Festival was held at Grayson Stadium on October 1, 1983. Through twenty-six festivals the Coastal Jazz Association has made certain that all citizens, rich and poor, black and white, performers and non-performers have enjoyed the fruits of playing and listening to America’s own and only indigenous art form, Jazz.

The Savannah Children’s Choir is a nonprofit, community supported, choral organization whose mission is to unite, mentor and transform Savannah’s children into responsible, creative, and confident leaders through excellence in choral performance and education.