Every home owner wants to put their mark on their property and do whatever they can to add value and build equity. The trick is knowing which home renovation projects actually add value and which don’t. Here are our top five renovations that actually increase your value.

1. Updating The Kitchen

Listen, no one wants the 90s kitchen with the rolled linoleum floors that have collected a couple decades worth of wear and tear or the floral wallpaper that is on every single wall, let alone those lovely popcorn ceilings and fluorescent light fixtures that seem to flicker and hum to the tune of a bad movie. If you’re looking to add instant value and desirability to your home, update the kitchen. It could be a complete gut renovation or it could be as simple as painting the cabinets, adding some new hardware, and getting a new faucet. Whatever your budget, your house will thank you for it.

2. Updating The Bathrooms

Do your bathrooms look like they did 30 years ago? Time to update! There are a ton of great looking vanities for affordable prices and plenty of great bathroom light fixtures. Add in a can of paint and a new shower curtain and you’re off to a great start!

3. Deck/Porch Addition

People LOVE a great outdoor space. Adding a front porch or a back deck to your home increases the entertaining space for the home, adds desirability, and can totally add value; especially if you’re doing something like a screened porch addition or a large deck.

4. Landscaping

It sounds simple enough, but going from plain Jane yard to a fully landscaped space will totally add value. Look at doing updates such as adding a privacy fence, installing an irrigation system, hardscapes (think patio and walkways), and landscape lighting. (Plus, you’ll enjoy your yard more too!)

5. Building Out The Attic

If you’re fortunate enough to have either a walk-up attic or an attic where you can actually stand up and walk around, building out this attic space is a great option! You’ll want to make sure the space is fully finished and is heated and cooled so that it will count towards your overall square footage. Attic build outs are great for Master Suites, game rooms, bonus rooms, and media rooms. Or, depending on size, can be like a whole 2nd story for your home.