It’s time for the Open House! What a great opportunity for prospective buyers, agents, and even neighbors to tour your home. Here are five mistakes we see Sellers make when it comes to Open Houses. (PS – don’t be these people)

1. Be Present

DON’T. Just don’t do it. There is nothing more awkward for a Buyer than to have you, the Seller, following them around as they tour your home. And as a Seller you’re going to be hanging on to every word they say or don’t say. It’s just better for everyone if you’re not present during your Open House. Your Real Estate Agent will be there. He/She will be able to connect with potential buyers, show off your home, and provide you with feedback after the event.

2. Keep Your Pets There

Um, if you left for the Open House so should your pets. Unless your pets are fish or a lizard. You know what we mean. Take the dogs and cats with you. You never know if an Open House visitor is afraid of dogs or if your lovely Fido turns into the barking champion of the neighborhood when you’re not around.

3. Leave Dirty Dishes In The Sink

Scrambling out the door for the open house and have a couple of plates and dirty dishes from lunch? Don’t leave them in the sink!! No one wants to see (or smell) your dirty dishes. Ideally you’d wash them and put them away. But if time is not on your side, at least throw them in the dishwasher. Potential buyers most likely aren’t going to open your dishwasher during an Open House (or a showing for that matter).

4. Leave The Yard Unmowed

An unkept yard during an Open House is like heading to a meeting with a crinkled shirt and a dryer sheet sticking out the bottom of your pant leg. It’s just not a great first impression. Be prepared. Mow the yard ahead of time. Break out the edger and the blower. Pretend you’re the professional yard guy. Or just hire the professional yard guy. Either way, you want to earn the “Yard of the Month” badge for your block.

5. Scheduling The Open House The Same Day As A Major Sporting Event

You want people to actually come to your Open House. If there’s a major sporting event happening that day like, maybe the Super Bowl, just move the Open House to a different day. Let’s face it. When given the choice of sitting in the recliner with their favorite beverage and a giant bowl of Fritos while watching the big game or packing up the family and coming to tour your Open House, which do you think people are going to choose? Ya, exactly.