by Russ Strazzella

In a former life, I used to sell cars and car parts. Today we’re going to talk about cars and how they are related to houses.

Basically when people are buying cars, there are two kinds of car buyers. There is your classic or vintage car buyer and there is your new car buyer. Most people are new car buyers but some people are vintage car buyers or older car buyers. The reason why people buy older vintage cars is because of the look, the style, the way they feel, and the fact that they just don’t make cars like that anymore. Their engines are carbureted rather than fuel injected. They don’t have analog brakes or power steering or navigation, but they look cool driving down the road. And that’s the thing, that is why older cars still get some love. Most of the cars that are sold today are new cars. They’ve got navigation, and reliable air conditioning, and high beam, low beam, direction changing headlights, raining sensing sensors you name it. They’re reliable. They are energy efficient, they’re safe, and they need low maintenance. They are new cars. And the same can be said for people that are buying new houses.


When people look at homes, they are either looking at an older, classic, blast from the past, cool vintage house, that might have ungrounded electrical and some fuses. It might have really cool two inch oak floors. It might have a mix of all sorts of weird kinds of plumbing. But you know what? It’s not defective. Everything still works and it looks cool.


New cars or new houses don’t need a whole lot of maintenance. The air conditioning blows cold, the windows open and shut, the roof doesn’t even need to be replaced, everything is fine. It’s literally free of defects. It’s brand new. So for some people those benefits are what sells a new house. And for others, the look might sell the old house. So whether you’re a new car or old car, or a new house or an old house buyer, we’ve got you covered.