by Russ Strazzella

Today we’re talking about SPRING! I know technically it’s not for another month, but these are the things that we recommend you do come spring time to get your house ready for the warmer weather. (And all the fun parties that you’re going to be having because you’ve been cooped up inside your house all winter and it’s been cold and damp.) So, let’s open up the windows and blow out all the dirt. Do all of these fun things and revitalize your house for Spring!


Whenever one thinks of a spring day, I always think of planting things in the yard, or new grass, or flowers, or whatever. A big thing to do to boost up your house is getting new landscaping.

Pressure Washing

Another thing you can do is pressure wash. You can either get a pressure wash yourself or hire a crew to come out and spray the house down. This gets rid of the dirt, the algae and the mildew, all the stuff that’s been accumulating around the house for some time. But sometimes when you pressure wash your house, you reveal that your house needs repairs. Some of the sidings might be cracked, or window frames/stills might be rotten.

Handle Minor Repairs

Now’s a good time after you’ve exposed all that to do a couple of these repairs so that when rain picks up, it does not intrude into the house and cause more damage.


And after you’ve repaired the siding on your house and made those fixes, you might as well paint. We’re not saying to paint the whole house but who knows? It might add a new energy and make it feel new again.

Clean The Gutters

Next thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna get up on the roof or the ladder, and you’re gonna clean those gutters. Clean up those gutters. Get yourselves some nice gloves and get all that pine straw, leaves and twigs out of there. That way more rain doesn’t collect in your gutter and cause more damage.

HVAC Check

Now we’re going look out at our HVAC or our Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning Services. You’re going to check if your furnace or air handler is condensating the right way and of course swap out all those necessary filters.

Ceiling Fans

After you’ve done that, the appropriate thing to do is to switch the position on your ceiling fan. A lot of people don’t know their ceiling fans go in two different directions. When it’s summer time or spring, you want the air to come down so you want it to turn to the right or clockwise. In the winter time, you want it to go up so you want it to go the other way.

Smoke Detectors

Next is your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors alarms. Check the batteries and make sure everything is all good. Hit that test button a couple of times.


And lastly, is to declutter. After the holidays (and who knows what else has been going on), you want to get the cobwebs gone, hit the high spots, clean the dog hair, and just clean the whole space. A nice deep clean. Take some old clothes to charity or Goodwill that you’re not wearing anymore. And just start over for a nice, fresh and even fun point for spring. 

So that’s it, these are the 9 things for spring. If you have any more questions, or you want to any of these vendors or service providers, people that can help you out, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Have a great Spring y’all!