by Shannee Theus

Are you interest in getting your Real Estate License in Georgia?

There are always a ton of people who are interested in getting their Georgia Real Estate License and we wanted to tell you just how to do it! It’s a pretty straight forward process, but there are several steps.

At a minimum you have to be at least 18 years old and either have your GED or a High School diploma. Once you check those boxes, you sign up for your real estate course. This is a 75 hour course that’s offered either online or in person. We’re often asked which one is best and the honest answer is “it depends on how you learn best.” I did mine in person. I needed that interaction with someone. And there are multiple people who did it online as they want to speed up the timetable.

After you complete the course you take the course exam. Once you pass that exam then it’s on to your background check. This is a relatively low cost step and takes a week or two to complete. Once you’re cleared with the background check you can take your State exam. This exam can be challenging so we always recommend you study for it and utilize practice exams so you’re familiar with how questions are worded and what kinds of questions could be on the exam. (You are able to take this exam multiple times in the event you don’t pass the first time.)

Once you pass the State exam you officially have your license! However, you cannot practice real estate until you “hang” your license with a real estate broker. You’re going to want to choose a brokerage that fits what you want… your goals, desired culture, etc. Your brokerage can help you succeed!

After selecting your Broker and officially joining the Brokerage, they’ll help you get set up with things like the local real estate board, connected to the MLS, and any final paper needed to go “Active.”

If you have any questions on how to become a real estate agent in Georgia, please reach out to us!