Whether you just moved Mom to an assisted living facility or your loved one recently passed, selling a home you’ve never lived in can be challenging. Here are some things to consider to make it a little easier. 

  • Make sure you have the proper authority to sell. Did you inherit the home from a family member? Be sure the estate has gone through probate and you have full authority to sell. And if there are multiple heirs, you need to all be in agreement and available to sign any necessary documents. If your loved one is still alive, but in an assisted living facility, consult with your local attorney to confirm the Power of Attorney you have has the authority to sell real property. (Some of them don’t.)
  • You’ve never lived there but you’re going to be asked questions about the home. Please do your best to find out the answers. This may include reaching out to the Homeowner’s Association or putting your hands on the most recent utility bill. The more information you have the easier it will be. 
  • Keep the utilities on and stay up to date on any bills, especially the mortgage. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a family lose a home they inherited simply because they didn’t know there was a second mortgage on the property. This is heartbreaking. 
  • Maintain the property as if it was yours. Keep the yard mowed, the lights on, and, if possible, do regular visits. In the event you are out of state or out of town, see if there’s another friend, family member, or neighbor who can keep an eye on the property for you. 
  • You may be asked for some additional documentation. Once you have a contract, the closing attorney will perform a title search and may ask for additional information or documentation. This could be the death certificate, confirming that probate has been completed, or verifying your POA. This is a common procedure as the attorney wants to make sure you have the proper authority to sell so the chain of title for future owners will not be an issue. 

If you are considering selling a property for a loved one, it’s never too soon to reach out and create a plan. We can help guide you and connect you with resources to maintain the property in the meantime. We’re here to help.