by DeAnna Taylor

Putting your house on the market? Here are three tips to help your home show better!

Light + Bright

The first thing you want to do is make sure the house is bright during showing. When the house is bright, it creates a more welcoming experience for the Buyers. This includes opening all the blinds so the natural light streams in and turning on any lamps or accent lighting. You can leave the overhead lights off as Realtors can turn those on/off during their showing.

Smelling Nice

Make sure your home smells nice for every showing. You can use plug ins or scented diffusers as long as the smell isn’t too strong. Candles are fine too — just make sure you don’t leave it burning all day long! In addition, make sure to not cook food with strong odors during that day and minimize any pet odors too. If you do have enough time for baking, we recommend baking some cookies. Nothing says “Home Sweet Home” better than fresh baked cookies.

Leave The House

Be sure to leave your house at least 15 minutes before the appointment window. This is important as you don’t want to run into the Buyer. You also don’t want to feel rushed leaving the house.

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