Congratulations! You just closed on your new home! You’re probably super excited and you should be. Before you move in to your new home here are five things we recommend every buyer do.

1. Change Your Locks

It may sound paranoid, but it’s likely more practical than anything. Sure you might not want nosey neighbor Jane who was besties with the Smiths who owned the house before you to be able to waltz through that front door any time she likes. But in reality, there’s probably multiple sets of keys to your new home floating around out there just because. So to eliminate any worry over that and to streamline access to your house (because there’s probably a separate key to each dang door) hire a locksmith to rekey your new home. For about $100 and some peace of mind, you’ll have exactly ONE key to your new home and you’ll be able to give a spare to those you choose.

2. Update Your Mailing Address

They say the postal service comes in rain, snow, sleet, and hail….. eventually. The postal service is not known for their lightning speed, so do yourself a favor and go ahead and update your mailing address before you move it. And yes, you’ll probably have some things sent to your old address by mistake or lapse in adjustments. But they’ll eventually find your way to you.

3. Set Up Utilities

There is nothing like waking up the first morning in your new house. You’re tired and sore from moving all day yesterday. The house is a disaster. And all you want is a nice hot shower. Except, you forgot to set up the gas in your name and the previous owner has already turned it off in their name because it’s not their house anymore. No hot shower for you. Oh, and it will probably be a couple of days before the gas company can come out to turn it own. Trust us, go ahead and activate those utilities for the day of closing so you avoid any traumatic and unnecessary cold showers.

4. Tackle Any Big Renovation Projects

We’re sure you have some grand ideas for your new home and that’s awesome! What isn’t awesome is trying to scrape popcorn ceilings while you live there. Or moving your entire house from one room to the next while you piece mill your way refinishing those hardwood floors. Or painting the entire interior of your new home while dodging heirlooms and the family dog. Skip the headache and tackle any major renovation projects before you move it. Your sanity will thank you for it.

5. Update Your Insurance

This last one is a bit of a no brainer and should be taken care of for you. Unless you’re buying your house with cash. Make sure you have your new homeowner’s policy in place as of the day of closing. You just never know.