You’ve been out with your real estate agent for a couple of hours now. You’ve seen multiple houses. They’re starting to blur together. How do you know when you’ve found “The One”? The house that’s perfect for you? Here are some tips:

1. You Picture Yourself Living There

Only five feet in the front door and already imagining how you’d lay out your furniture? Envisioning the family Thanksgiving in the dining room? Ya, you’re moving yourself in and that’s a good thing. It means you can see yourself living there.

2. You’re Imagining All The Things You’ll Do “When It’s Yours”

Do you have the imaginary sledge hammer out ready to knock down that wall to the kitchen? Already picturing that perfect shade of green you’ll paint the master bedroom? Yep, you’re already thinking of home projects and renovations that you’ll make when the home is yours.

3. You Can Afford It

All of it. The monthly mortgage payment, the utilities, the cost for upkeep and maintenance, and some money set aside for those whoopses along the way. After all, you’re not calling the landlord when the dishwasher breaks anymore. You are your landlord.

4. It Hits All Of Your Needs And Most Of Your Wants

Not every home is perfect. But the one that’s right for you is the one that hits all of your must-haves like number of bedrooms or location and most of your wants (floor plan, kitchen counter type, etc). If you’re going to hold out for that perfect home then keep on holding and let us know when you find that unicorn. We hear they’re pretty rare.

5. You’d Be Upset If Someone Else Bought It Instead Of You

Listen, you walk into a home that’s for sale and it hits all the checkmarks for you and you’d rather drop 14 hammers on your toe than see someone else buy it, it’s a pretty good sign this is the one. Just buy it.