I am delighted that March was almost like a few years ago for me. I had five transactions and sold over $2,200,00.00 worth of houses. The dip in interest rates helped some. First time home buyers are a big part of most transactions lately. Included in those sales were two of my Beach houses. Tybee Island is the tightest market locally. I got to experience first hand that the key to selling in this market is to price the houses right.
April is lining up to be another typical spring. I have found it necessary to pass on some listings as the Sellers do not either understand the importance of pricing their house properly or are not able to. The cost to carry these listings is greater than ever and without much chance to move them I prefer to pass on taking the listings. We are fortunate here in Savannah. We have not seen a great adjustment in pricing yet. I am thrilled that I am able to ride the storm.