Pinterest: Biggest Home Decor Trends for 2018

Don Callahan
Don Callahan
Published on January 25, 2018

Who’s excited for 2018? We are!  We’re also excited for Home Decor Trends of 2018 list just reported by Pinterest.  Did we mention the list is entirely consumer-driven?  That means we (assuming you’re a Pinterest lover too) determined this list.

Bring it on 2018!  Thanks Pinterest for the list!

  Large Scale Wall Art
When choosing large art for a room, the most important thing is that you love it. As a central piece, it sets the tone for everything else and you want to choose something that reflects your personal taste and style.

Bone Inlay Furniture
Most people who are familiar with bone inlay furniture already know that there’s nothing else quite like it. The craftsmanship and beauty of these pieces are almost always far beyond your average piece of furniture

Mixed Metals
Choose a Dominant Metal: Choose a metal finish you love to be the most prominent in your home, and then select one or two metal accents to complete the look.


Patterned Plants 
House plants breathe life into interiors, while cleaning the air as they grow. The trick is to recreate their natural environment.  Who doesn’t love a fun, patterned plant?


Resort-Inspired Decor
Tropical home decor is a way to create a peaceful place for relaxation after a busy day. Wood and glass, large windows with the view of the garden or water and well designed outdoor rooms make modern homes feel like a resort on a private island.

    Statement Ceilings
They have the ability to transform a room from top to bottom (literally). Maybe that’s why Pinterest has seen a 310% increase in saved pins of this decor. Plus, these adventurous designs can be achieved with paint, wallpaper, wood, and more.


Terrazzo is trending and we love it.  We’ve seen it on flooring (of course) but the terrazzo pattern is also trending on everything from home decor to wallpaper.


Herringbone Tile
Hello Herringbone, Goodbye Subway! Pair herringbone tiles with colorful cabinetry for a playful look, or go more modern with a mix of gray tiles in a luxe marble kitchen. The pattern, whether rendered with wood or tile, is a great way to add a little movement, and a little touch of the unexpected, to any space.



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Pinterest: Biggest Home Decor Trends for 2018

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