By Russ Strazzella

Part of the home buying process that every buyer, whether it’s your first time or your millionth time buying a house, will have to do is sign a Buyer Agency Agreement.

What is a Buyer Agency Agreement?

A Buyer Agency Agreement is a signed agreement that allows your agent to do three things. They will be able to show you property, give you an opinion of value, and negotiate on your behalf.

Show You Property

The showing houses part is relatively simple, opening a door, closing a door, asking you questions etc.

The Opinion of Value

The opinion of value is really where the expertise of your agent starts to come into effect. They’re going to know a lot about certain neighborhoods, what’s going to make the location, condition and the size of each property you see different. They’re going to weigh your criteria, the pros and cons of each such that they’ll be able to more easily determine which house is best for your needs.


As a buyer you’re going to need to write a strong offer. This not only includes a good price, reasonable terms that are motivating to the seller but also some tricks. Escalation clauses, sunset clauses, appraisal gaps, option money, etc. These are going to help set your offer apart and above the rest.

So if the people you’re working with aren’t helping you do those sort of things or if you don’t know what those things are, by all means feel free to schedule a call with us.