At Team Callahan, we’re passionate about giving back to the community. We’re 100% committed to helping in any way we can, whether that means being boots on the ground in times of need, or offering financial support to local non-profits.

So, with every closing our Team has, we save a portion for our Team Callahan Cares Fund. Each month, we donate that money to a local nonprofit. For the month of April we are honored to be donating to the Tybee Island Marine Science Center right here on Tybee Island.

Give Where We Live

The Tybee Island Marine Science Center is a non profit organization whose mission is to cultivate responsible stewardship of coastal Georgia’s natural resources through education, conservation, and research. The Center provides an authentic coastal Georgia experience to learn about all the wildlife that inhabits the waterways all around the island. The center offers school programs, summer camps, and private programs. Join them for one of the many Marine Science Educator Guided Tours, on the beach, in the marsh, in the classroom , or in the galleries.

May is the beginning of sea turtle nesting season, which means that volunteers from the Tybee Island Marine Science Center are hard at work getting the beaches ready for mama sea turtles. The beaches need to be dark, flat, and quiet. No lights, no sand castles left overnight, no big holes left behind, no tents and chairs as obstacles. Sea Turtle nesting is magical, but can only happen if mama sea turtles find the beaches suitable for nesting. The Tybee Sea Turtle Project volunteers walk the beaches at dawn every single day, looking for signs of nesting. Every confirmed nest is cautioned up and will be monitored until hatching begins!

Sea Turtles are an endangered species, but with the conservation efforts a difference is being made. In 2022 Georgia broke its record of number of sea turtle nests, which means the species are being fruitful and multiplying in record numbers.

We are honored to be able to donate to Tybee Island Marine Science Center and support all the advance work that they do. And a big thank you to all the families that choose to work with us, these donations would not be possible without you!