By Russ Strazzella

You’ve probably received a letter in the mail about someone wanting to buy your house. If you haven’t no worries, we are going to talk about what that letter is and what you should know when you get one.

What are these letters anyway?

As a homeowner you may receive in the mail letters from people whom you do not know, offering to either buy or sell your house. These types of letters, referred to as “Golden Letters” inside the real estate industry, are meant to target homeowners for a variety of different purposes. Some are actually legitimate opportunities and some are not. There are two types of Golden Letters.

From Wholesalers

Letters that say that want to buy your house for cash, with no strings attached etc. usually come from people called wholesalers or flippers. Those are designed to take advantage of people who are looking to get money out of their house or perhaps sell their house because they need the money for some reason and they are going to offer a much lower than fair market value price and then immediately turn around and sell it privately to a buyer for its fair market value and they will pocket the difference.

From Real Estate Agents

Letters that say that they have a buyer for your house or they want to sell your house typically come from real estate agents. Those are meant to get you as a homeowner the most money possible for your house by typically selling it on the market or perhaps an able buyer that they already have that’s looking for a property.

So in short, these letters might look the same but they are two entirely different types of letters.

If you’ve gotten one, or have any questions about them, or want to see if the one you got is legitimate, reach out to us! Schedule a call or stop by the office, we’d love to chat and help you out.