It’s the age old question…. real or fake? Christmas tree that is. For those of you that are purists and want the real deal, here are some of our favorite places to buy a Christmas Tree in Savannah.

St. Michael’s Church at Daffin Park

Listen, we’re probably a little partial to this one considering they’re literally our next door neighbor but still. If you’re looking for a quality tree that contributes to a great cause here you go. Plus if you live in the Ardsley Park or Parkside neighborhoods it doesn’t get much more convenient. The tree lot opens the Friday after Thanksgiving and word on the street is they’ll probably sell out in about a week.

Lion’s Club at Daffin Park

Your other Daffin Park option is courtesy of the local Lion’s Club. Their annual tree lot is located on the Victory Drive side of the park by the Tennis Courts. We’ve purchased a tree or two from them before and great service all around.

Truitt’s Christmas Tree Farm

Feeling more in the do-it-yourself mode or just want an outing with the whole family? Head to Rincon for a you-choose, you-cut experience at Truitt’s. You won’t find the mammoth trees here, but if the 4-6ft range is your speed you’re good to go.

Big Box Stores

Down to the wire and just need a tree? We’ve been there. Sometimes it’s convenience, sometimes it’s all that’s left. Check out any of the local big box stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Ace Hardware for a fresh Christmas tree.