We just returned from a whirlwind weekend in Pittsburgh for MAPS Coaching Spring Masterminds. This is “where like-minded individuals meet to crowdsource best-practice solutions to their most pressing business planning problems.”

And in true Team Callahan style we mixed in a little play with our work.

Here are some of our favorite nuggets, ideas, and quotes from the event:

Valorie Kondos Field

(Former Head Coach of gymnastics at UCLA)

  • “When you count your blessings every single day you starve out the voices of stress, anxiety, etc.”
  • “Athletics is a master class in life lessons that you will not learn in a classroom.”
  • “Change your mind, change your outcome.”

Brianna Wiest

(Author of “The Mountain is You”)

  • “Even when we feel we are at max capacity we are only at 10% of our true potential. Expand your perimeter of possibility. We have no idea what we are truly capable of.”
  • “Widen the gap between your reaction (emotion) and your response.”
  • “We prepare the child for the path. We do not prepare the path for the child.”

Jen Davis

(VP of MAPS Coaching at KW)

  • “When it gets hard, remember what you wanted when you started.”
  • Highly productive people do three things:
    • They protect their mindset
    • They protect the mindset of their clients
    • They protect the mindset of their Team

Jordan Freed

(Our very own business Coach)

  • “Growth is the intentional expansion of your comfort zone.”

Dusty Oglesby

(Director of BOLD)

  • “You’re responsible for the climate of your mind.”
  • “Who do you choose to become? And who are you becoming in the process?”
  • “You’re going to have high notes and low notes in your life. Don’t miss the beauty of the symphony or the becoming.”

And then for a little play we headed over to the Pittsburgh Steelers stadium for a VIP experience and happy hour with our KW MAPS Coaching friends.

So long Pittsburgh! 🛫