Saturday play day! Sunday fun day! Whichever you prefer, here are five options for a fantastic weekend day in Savannah.

1. Downtown Life

Spend a beautiful Spring day enjoying the charm of Downtown Savannah. Start off with breakfast at one of our favorites places such as Collins Quarter or Little Duck Diner. Get a coffee to go once you’re done and go for a little stroll through the Squares as you make your way to Forsyth Park. Once there peruse the various local vendors and pickup some snacks or goodies to take home for the week. Then grab your picnic blanket or chair from the car and head over the vast fields in Forsyth. Spread out and enjoy the sunshine and people watching.

2. Beach Day!

Hello Tybee Island! When the sun is hot there’s no place better to be than the beach. We love going out early (to get that parking spot!) or coming after the crowds have died down and the cool of the evening is on it’s way. Pack a cooler, an umbrella or tent, bring all the things for the family, and go to your favorite corner of the beach. And remember, you’re on “Tybee time” now so let your cares float away.

3. On The Water

Savannah by water is like a whole other world! Whether you’re out on the boat or taking in the salt water by kayak, a day on the water is a good day. Savannah has a TON of waterways, local marinas, and even a couple places to rent a boat for the day. You’ll find most boaters taking advantage of local spots like Wassaw or Little Tybee that are only accessible by boat. Head out in the morning and make a day of it or just jump on the boat to catch that amazing sunset.

4. Game Day

Listen, Savannahians love their Georgia Football. Forget trying to schedule anything during college football season, especially if it’s the Georgia/Florida game. Whole weddings have been rescheduled because of this game. Georgia takes those Dawgs seriously, so get in on the fun and catch the game with friends at places like Starland Yard or Coaches Corner. If that’s not your scene, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll have a friend (or seven) that’s watching the game and has the AV hookup! Grab your favorite tailgate food, a cold beverage, and head over to their house to cheer on the Dawgs.

5. Play History Nerd

Savannah is the oldest City in Georgia. We’ve got some history to say the least. Why not check out some of Savannah’s great local museums. Into art? The Telfair and SCAD Art Museums are two of our favorites. Love a good historic house then head over to the Mercer House or the Davenport House for a little taste of Savannah history. Want something a little different? Check out historic places in Savannah like Fort Pulaski (part of the National Parks system), Wormsloe Historic Site, or Bonaventure Cemetery (yes, people visit here because it’s beautiful and old). You can totally make a day of it!