We say it all the time, “We LOVE this town!” And it’s so true. Most of us are from other parts of the country and for various reasons Savannah has called us home. Maybe it was the slower pace, the warmer temperatures, or just plain ol’ opportunity. Whatever it was, we are thrilled to not only call Savannah home, but to welcome others to join us in this great jewel of the south. Here are our top five reasons we love living in Savannah, GA.

1. You Can Wear Flip Flops In December

You can wear flip flops in December, shorts at Thanksgiving, and Winter is that thing that happens for about a week in January. Honestly, the majority of the year is pretty pleasant here. Winters are usually mild and Spring and Fall last a long time. The only month you avoid is August, because it’s dumb and likes to be 90* plus by breakfast. Locals just hibernate indoors in the AC or park themselves on the beach at Tybee and weather the storm. But honestly, the other 11 months of the year totally make up for the one month that this town and Mother Nature lose their minds for a bit.

2. Friends And Family Always Want To Visit

Living in Savannah means you’re going to have house guests, and pretty regularly at that. Nothing like sending a photo of you at the beach in December (in shorts no less) to a friend suffering through freezing temperatures and a foot of snow. Guess who just booked that ticket to come see you? Yep! Family likes to “come down for the weekend” and friends “choose Savannah for that next vacation.” We are the Hostess City after all, so it’s only fitting that we play Hostess too. Have that guest room ready, be sure to know all the new places to go, and keep your calendar open.

3. You Can Play Tourist In Your Own Town

Need a vacation but don’t have the time or money? No worries! Living in Savannah means you can take a vacation anytime you like. Whether you’re looking for a beach getaway (aka Tybee Island) or some historic charm (Downtown) Savannah has you covered! We love heading Downtown on a Saturday morning, grabbing a cup of coffee at a local spot, meandering through the squares and eventually landing at the Forsyth Farmers Market where you can casually peruse the fresh veggies and foods from local growers. (There’s a pretty great chance you’ll run into someone you know too. Just give it some time.) Or head down to River Street, “where only the tourists go” because it’s pretty fantastic these days! You can totally make a whole day of just being downtown enjoying the beauty right here in Savannah.

4. Have We Mentioned It’s Really Pretty? Like, REALLY Pretty.

Savannah is pretty. It’s beautiful. It’s dreamy, intriguing, intoxicating, perplexing, and 100% charming. Whether you’re taking a stroll through the Historic District, out on the boat cruising through the waterways, taking in the historic sites of Wormsloe or Bonaventure, or just in your chair on the beach, it’s no secret this town is pretty. And who doesn’t want to live in a pretty place?! And let’s not forget the beautiful homes too! Hello elegant Victorian. Why hi there charming Craftsman bungalow. What’s that, you classic Lowcountry gem? Architecture lovers eat your heart out!

5. You’ll Meet People From All Over

We’re not really sure there’s such thing as a Savannah Native these days. Or at least they are few and far between. Savannah is a great melting pot of people from all walks of life from all over the country, and even the world. With several local universities, thriving Ports and Aerospace industries, and an up and coming restaurant scene, Savannah is catching on. Just our little team of 10 has people from 6 states and none of us grew up here.