Listen, it’s no secret that the key to our hearts is FOOD. I mean, food is the most common love language (non-scientific polling but obviously true). And there’s something great about Food Trucks. Whether you’re hanging out with friends at a local brewery, just got in from a long day of boating and are at the boat ramp, or just taking an evening stroll through the neighborhood, there’s a decent chance you’ll find one of Savannah’s growing number of food trucks. Here’s our roundup of our top five favorite food trucks AND what you should totally order at each!


The best of the best only go by one name, right? Cher, Madonna, Oprah. So why not the same for a food truck. The Farm Bluffton food truck is AMAZING. We’d love to be able to tell you to order one particular thing from them, but the truth is everything is ridiculously amazing. Their menu changes based on what’s in season and available from local growers. If you see them, just go. And order the whole dang menu. You’ll thank us for it.

2. Chazitos Latin Cuisine

It’s a toss up here on what is our number one favorite thing from Chazitos, so I guess that means you’ll just have to go twice! They have the Red Truck and the Blue Truck which means they can cover double the ground. Our favorites are the Burrito and the Empanadas. You can choose you protein for the burrito, but getting anything other than the pork is just plain wrong. And when they ask you if you want sweet or crispy plantains, you 100% want sweet. Don’t even get us started on our love for their empanadas either. OMG.

3. Pie Society

It’s not what you think. No, it’s not just a bunch of apple and berry pies (although they do that pretty dang well too!). Pie Society is straight up British Food that is amazing. Looking for that hearty chicken pot pie on a cool night? Or a classic Shepherd’s Pie because you just finished binge watching the Great British Bakeoff and now you are obsessed with all things Britain? This is your place.

4. The Big Cheese

Listen, a food truck dedicated to the freaking Grilled Cheese Sandwich! WE ARE IN LOVE. Our favorite from The Big Cheese is The Rosie. Imagine cheddar, cream cheese, jalapeno and bacon all smushed together in a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s basically perfection. But why stop there. Go on and treat yourself by dipping the actual sandwich in ranch. Yep, ranch. Congratulations, you’ve just reached Grilled Cheese Mastery Level kajillion.

5. Latin Chicks

Ok, we’re not sure what it is about Latin food, but it obviously makes an amazing avenue for food truck food. Enter Latin Chicks. They became known in Savannah for their authentic and delicious chicken, but let us just tell you about their pork tacos. WOW. You get three authentic Latin street tacos filled with pork and deliciousness that will make your taste buds straight up sing.